Grand Chief  sif Michael samare extraordinary man devoted  to papua  Guinea

Keterangan Gambar : Bapak bangsa PNG.MICHAEl SAMARE.

We join millions of our fellow citizens in expressing gratitude to Sir Michael for his life-long service to our country and its people.

On September 16, 1975 Sir Michael set the foundations for a young nation, allowing Papua New Guinea to take its place among the global community, free from colonialism and paving the way for our proudly independent and democratic country.

Without this Great Grand Chief, our people would never have achieved the progress we enjoy today.

Skillfully, Sir Michael navigated our way forward managing to honour our traditions and customs all the while enabling all of us to have a better and modern way of life.

Today, we have a Nation with a growing educated population with rapidly developing cities and townships providing much needed services, all because of this Great Grand Chief.

Ours is a country of incredible diversity in tribes, languages and cultures set in a rugged terrain but because of Sir Michael, we have united into a Nation.

It was largely because of his leadership and vision that we peacefully gained independence. We will remember him as Founding Father of our country.

We are forever indebted to Sir Michael for his commitment and sacrifice for the well-being of our people. He lived his life devoted to his family and country.

We pay respect to this Great Grand Chief for his service to his country and its people.

And we extend our condolences to his wife Lady Veronica, children Sana, Bertha, Arthur, Dulciana and Michael Jnr and their families at this time of grief and sorrow.

Rest in Peace Grand Chief.

Hon. Peter O'Neill,
Leader, Peoples' National Congress Party
MP, lalibu Pangia

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